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About Kuredux<sup>®</sup>

Polyglycolic acid (PGA) offers a combination of properties that differentiate it from other polymers, making it an exciting new addition to the Plastics Industry. Kureha Corporation’s proprietary polymerization technology has resulted in the world’s first industrial scale PGA manufacturing facility, allowing the introduction and widespread commercial use of Kuredux® PGA.

Besides biodegradability, PGA has various excellent characteristics.

PGA has mechanical properties equal to or superior to those of super engineering plastics such as PEEK and PPS. Furthermore, by making full use of the biodegradability and hydrolyzability which is the characteristic of PGA, it contributes to making environmentally friendly products.

Its main features:

  • - Biodegradability and hydrolyzability
  • - High strength and toughness
  • - High abrasion resistance
  • - High solvent resistance
  • - Easy processing

Kuredux® is a registered trademark of Kureha Corporation.